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Ryan Rosati

The Umbrella Website

A case-study on the electronic and internet service company Holland Computers

The Redesign of Holland Computers

Holland Computers is a multifaceted company that sells a range of electronic devices from custom-built computers to arcade parts. They also provide multiple internet services such as web-hosting, web design, software development, and web analytic tools.

My Job: Redesign the website theme, redevelop the HTML front-end, and integrate the ProductCart shopping cart software as well as the EzWeb CMS into the new template.


Holland Computers Screen Design

The Issue

The reason why this site needed to be redesigned was because the users had a very hard time finding the content they were looking for. Also, the technology used in its development was becoming deprecated and un-accessible, which caused broken links and missing images throughout the site.

Originally, this site was designed as a small brochure-like website with the sole purpose of reaching out to a local audience. As the company grew and expanded to a larger audience, including adding an online store, the site became cluttered. Users asked in our design review noted that it became hard for them to find what they were looking for because the relevant information they did find, would be lost next to non-relevant information. Our team concluded that this was largely due to because no one anticipated how new content would be added to the site.

So the main issue became the current website lacked a content strategy, and was rendered unusable because of it. We also decided the design techniques that were used were beyond dated, with Web 2.0 gradients and glossy button reflections.

As a supposed leader in the web industry that housed multiple web professionals, this site became a poor reflection of the company’s skill, so a redesign became desperately needed.

The Goal

So with the issues now identified, the next thing to do was to declare the goals. Obviously, our goals reflected solutions to our issues, but more specifically, we wanted to increase the ease-of-use of this website by reorganizing the site’s content, improve the flow and readability of text and other informational elements, have a content strategy in place so multiple services and products can be added easily, and reducing the visual friction between the navigation, graphics and layout elements.

The Design

Holland Computers Home Page
Pixel Perfect Navigation Dropdown Menu
Style Guide Template Page